Saturday, April 5, 2008

Reflection post, The Concept of the Political

During class Professor Jackson asked the question, according to Carl Schmitt, how do we know someone is the enemy? I felt, as I was reading the essay, that the answer was very simple: The enemy doe snot have to be physically ugly or morally evil, they are just the person or people who have the opposite belief that you do. Simply by the fact that they have just as strong a belief as you, except not about the same thing, they are a danger to your way of life and can be considered the enemy. I got the impression that Schmitt felt that this simple explanation was was constituted the enemy on a larger level as well, such as the enemy of a state. The enemy of the liberal is the conservation, the democracy, communism, etc. This is why i didn't matter what the moral standing of your enemy was or what he looked like. It simply mattered that he held the opposite belief from you so strongly that it threatened your way of life.

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