Tuesday, April 8, 2008

For the Love of God come Armed

Perhaps I'm being a bit silly, but anyone in the expedition think "hrrm maybe we should bring some future weapons." Explorers going to an alien planet unarmed, grand plan...grand. I’m of course being a bit simplistic, but a whole mess of trouble could have been avoided if the humans had brought some orbital weaponry. Obliterate a few Janata strongholds, and make em think twice before they do anything silly. Of course the risks associated with bring a whole bunch of guns, are rather legion. However, the complete lack o worry that they would be attacked or would require force is incredibly naive.

Though its no surprise that naiveté is the rule of the day. Jesus has ordained this mission so of course everything will work out real well. That is…if Jesus actually gave a flying crap. The willful delusions of the expedition’s leadership to assume that things were ordained and that the intelligent life would never attack them were poorly advised. That and bringing only one Lander. Hasn’t Aliens taught us anything? Always have a backup Lander for pilot by remote. Anyway it seems as if the Jesuits got caught up in the excitement, but never thought about the possible dangers of the mission. They made a whole lot of safely precautions on the way there. But man, they did not think about the problems of contact all too well. I mean they didn’t even try to predict if their germs could cause a disease outbreak amongst the aliens.


Air Viper said...

At the same time, Westerners never thought about that when exploring the new world. There is this thing called smallpox that devastated the Native American population.

And perhaps this is because I'm the military dependent, but no one in their right mind goes on an expedition unarmed nowadays.

Lindsay said...

As I was reading it never really was clear to me to ask the question of why the mission didn't think to arm themselves. It was only after Professor Jackson asked in class what mistakes were made that it seemed like the most logical answer: The whole mess at the end could of probably been avoided if they had just brought along some protection. I disagree with the other comment that Western explorers never thought of that: they certainly came armed with their most modern weapons and used them to their own advantage.