Monday, March 31, 2008

Combination post: Ender's Game and The Concept of the Political

As I was reading The Concept of the Political by Carl Schmitt one continous thread seemed to be present throughout the entire essay. The notion that the state or the political entity in power must always portray their opponent as the "enemy" or as something dangerous and poteintally harmful. Schmitt makes the argument that this is necessary in order for whoever is in power to remain in control. As long as the enemy is always viewed as such, you will have the support of the public against them. This goes back to our discussion in class about the buggers. The reason that was alluded to as justification for killing off the buggers was that they were the "enemy" and they might attack humans again one day. It was presented as humans being the good guys and buggers being the bad guys and that their was no middle ground. This very black and white argument can be related back to Schmitt. The group in power, the humans, felt the need to project their political enemy,the buggers as the "other" or as a dangerous entity to human rule and domination.

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