Monday, February 18, 2008

re-Terraforming Dune

After class, I realized I'd neglected the appendixes this time around, and in going back, the first appendix provided another view on what was happening on Arrakis. for the first time I realized that the elder Keynes had done more than used the existing religious superstitions but also shaped them to his own cause. His cause, and now the Freeman's cause, was to see a green Arrakis. It changed it significantly as Jessica kept noting after she had first met the freeman that their form of the Missionaire Protectivia was different and subtly altered from the norm, or what one would expect from the course of a Bene Gesserit set religion. Did the Freeman even think that they could even accomplish such a wide reaching goal before meeting elder Keynes? If not, then it was elder Keynes who first made them aware of the power they could wield. So then what did this shift mean for Paul and the 'inevitable' Jihad? This effect seems often neglected, probably because it is not a systematic change and in fact shows the impact one person can have on the planetary level..
In this way, can't elder Keynes be seen as a counter-example 'hero' to Paul?

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